College At a Glance

Our Institute offers UG degree courses in B.A, B.Sc, and B.Com.programmes, and PG degree courses in M.Com and M.A. (Hindi, Sociology,Economics, Political Science) programmes. The parent university designs thecurriculum and revises it as and when necessary. Last time the curriculum of B.A./B.Sc/B.Com.Part-I and M.A. Ist Semester was revised in the year 2018-19 with implementation of new studymaterials. The college strictly follows the curriculum and exam pattern framedby the university. The curriculum is displayed on the website of the university and also available in the library of thecollege.


At the commencement of the academic year the academic calendar isprepared for the said purpose and the same gets verified and approved by thePrincipal and he conducts a meeting before the commencement of every academicyear. The teaching plan consists of workload and individual time table. There issufficient flexibility in the teaching plan, so as to adopt the changes if any.The evaluation of the students is carried out periodically as per the norms ofthe University.


The Principal monitors the daily diary and also observes theteacher performing duties as per academic calendar and teaching plan. To make theteaching-learning process more effective and well planned, the teachers identifyslow learners and advanced learners amongst the students. Additional resources, efforts andextra teaching is provided to slow learners.


Students are informed about the commencement of the academicsessions through college notice boards and university website/college website.For every class, a class teacher is assigned. The time-table prepared isdisplayed on notice boards. The annual teaching plan is prepared by teachers andthey also provide teaching material, question bank etc. to students forpractice.


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